Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hi, my name is Rachel Messina!!!

Here are some pictures from our past homecoming week at school. I am actively engaged in the student council program at our school; furthermore, I help plan our spirit days and decorations in order to promote student involvement. This year's homecoming theme was the Hunger Games :) 

Our sophomore class float won
during the Homecoming half time show.
Wilderness Day
Tribute Day
Twin Day

 Being the sophomore class secretary in student council, homecoming was a very busy time for me. I love this Mormon message because it shows how important it is for us to do small acts of kindness every day because they don't go unnoticed! In Student Council I have many opportunities to give of my time to help the students around me. I know that we can bring so much joy to ourselves as well as others when we serve our fellow men. 


  1. That's awesome! Winning the float is a big deal! Was one of the days' themes "poison berries day"?

  2. I love it Rachel! You are such a good example to me of love and service. I know you can make a difference in other people's lives, you have a natural gift for it! Love ya