Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alright guys! Here we go... first blog post.  I don't actually know what I'm doing but let's hope it works.  I actually LOVE sharing pictures, because that's what I feel will give you the best idea about what's happened to me in the last month since I've been here at BYU.  So I searched around for the HIGHLIGHTS from this new BYU experience.

 I love Women's Chorus
 This was the day at the devotional they totally zoomed up on my face for the entire world to see.  I had random people come up to me and say, "Hey, I saw your FACE on the screen this morning".  So embarrassing I know, but I felt officially inducted into Women's Chorus.

 This is my buddy Harry Truman and I at the top of Squaw Peak.  It was such a beautiful hike.
 The pathway, I felt, was like paved with GOLD.
 Can't get any cooler than that...right?
 Lindsey is like my best friend.  She and I have so much fun together, and she's such a sweet girl too.
 Yes, I miss my family.  This is my dad next to the Provo River when they came up for the weekend.  He's so handsome...
 There's always time for Sudoku during lunch time. Free in the BYU newspaper.
 I love my bro and sis...this was during the first football game and when we watched it on Helaman field.
 The Civil Engineer program has tons of service projects all the time.  I went with them to pack boxes full of clothes to give to Mongolian families.  So fun!!
 Daniel and I went to the volleyball game.  We're definitely gangsters!
 My bishop and I are best friends for life.  Such a great guy.
Bridge building 
 Who knew Matt was so good at making balloons come to life.  He made this adorable flower for me.
These are my roommates who are super fun....Sunday photo shoot


  1. Emily, where are all your pictures of me?

  2. I mean, those are all nice, didn't even mention anything about how you have a brother-in-law.

  3. Haha! I'm sorry David, but you live in Boston so REALLY how am I supposed to get a picture of you. I will get a picture of you somehow. careful what you wish for.