Friday, October 31, 2014

Hey guys!  I're probably wondering why I'm posting more pictures, instead of writing some really eloquent essay about the the significance of something highly sophisticated, but I really just love pictures. Haha. Here are some of the fun things I've done this month... with the Sabey clan too!! 
 Words can't even express how cute she is, oh and you too Daniel.  Haha...that was a joke :)
 I drove up to Salt Lake to watch Music and the Spoken Word with Sarah.  So fun! The temple was gorgeous and so was the music.  
 Sister bonding time is essential!! Again in Salt Lake.  Our efforts at taking selfies was mas o menos
 You think her purse is filled with important stuff like a wallet or a phone but's filled with Lifesaver mints.  That purse is STOCKED with them. We ate like 30 each. Haha, so funny
 Provo is so pretty in the fall! Who doesn't want to look at this every morning.  Still not ready for snow though. 
 So funny! We watched Captain America 2 at the Sabey condo with Matt and Daniel and James and some other friends. James was pretending to be our bartender and after I asked him for some "red wine" he gave me water with strawberry syrup.  Totally gross
 More gorgeousness..
 I love going to the Blair's house on Sunday night for dinner.  By the way, thanks for always inviting us.  We probably out-due our welcome.  Snapped this picture of Matt...I'll leave it at that :)
 My first dance lab at the Wilk.  
 This is my best friend Laurel...this was taken at a Women's Chorus retreat when we ate breakfast and made bead bracelets for each other.  Beads and Breakfast.
I just thought this was funny.  My roommate stashes tons of blankets under her bed and it makes for a great study spot.  Yes, I do study up here at BYU...
 This was a field trip I went to with my engineering buddies.  We got to see the construction of the Provo temple.  The Lord really is hastening the work.  
This was the first pumpkin I carved this year.  That's a big deal in my book.  The one on the far right...I call him Winston! 


  1. Great pictures! Good stuff. I like how you didn't bother to tell us the name of the guy in those last two pictures...

  2. Cute Emi. Thanks for posting! I think "gorgeousness" should refer to Matt and Alsina Mei :)

  3. I saw several young men in those posts as well. No names??

    Looks like a fun life. Sometimes I wish I were back in my college days. Fond memories.