Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blogger Dude

This is my first attempt to blog. Is it working?? Am I now an official blogger?? What do I write, how do I contribute, what is this all about?  These are just a few of my questions that I have with regards to this new and ever changing world of computer communication, sharing and living. The world is a more complex place than I knew growing up. I try to keep current and thus relevant in an ever forward moving computer based world. My daughter texted me yesterday to get advice about which new computer to buy. It must mean that my opinion about the computer world still carries some weight to her. My son asked me how to show a slide show he made on a screen at the scout Court of Honor. It must mean that my opinion on computer related matters is still relevant. I guess that counts for something at my age.

With regard to families and the merging of families as witnessed with the Sabey Messina marriage we are all a fusion of many different families. All of us are a fusion of God's children. We are all a part of one  another, all a part of His plan to teach us to be like Him, all working together to return to where we came from, all a part of each other's growth, happiness and success. A wise friend  told me years ago "We are all a lot more alike than we are different." So true. We each live to love another who is not from our immediately family. My wife Deanna grew up totally different from me on a rural farm but similar in everything that's important to this city boy. We have had a great life together and with our children. Our children are now repeating our life's experience. I still learn everyday even at my age. An example of strength that came to me from our merging families through marriage were  some inspired words  my new son-in-law's father taught me about life. Things I have heard all my life but never put together like this. The  3 principles he learned through trials in his life are the following. 

1.) Believe in gospel promises. 
2.) Embrace the curriculum.  
3.) Allow agency to work. 

So true. So simple. 

So marriage is great in so many ways. From Son- in-laws and their families to pomp and ceremony to moving forward to embracing the curriculum of life. It's all good. I can learn to blog and share my thoughts and feelings and maybe even help someone or get help and support  from someone else. 

I guess now I'll push the button that says "done" and see if it works. I guess that's how life is when you are on the launch pad of learning. Push the start button, dive into the learning, see what happens. If it works great! If not try again or try something new. Just don't ever stop trying, don't ever stop getting up when you fall, don't ever stop testing the limits of your ability for you may just succeed after you try long enough and when you do succeed you can help pull the others up who follow you. 


Mike Messina. 

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  1. Wow, that was great! I love how you tied diving into a new frontier, making your first blog post, to the deeper meaning of moving forward in life. You are an inspiration to all of us.